Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Love(s) of My Life...

Oh how I love them...

Things as of late...

Where has the time gone? I'm not sure where to even begin! My weekly blogging fell off of the to-do list the past couple of months, but I vow to do better and get back on track! I've disappointed a few blogging fans - I do apologize! We have been very busy. We are always on the Go! Go! Go! between our busy schedules and chasing a very active 15 month old!

Football season just came to an end. The Redhawks missed the playoffs by one game so we were very disappointed. Eric's goal for the year was to make the playoffs so he was bummed and has officially "banned" watching any High School playoff games until HIS team makes them. We will see if he can make it - I have a feeling he will be getting the itch to catch a game at Texas Stadium over the holidays! He is actually working "normal" hours until the first of January (Baseball Season) so it will be nice to have him home more.

I took a new position at work and am now working more in the office (vs. at home) and traveling some. I'm excited for the opportunity, but have been feeling a little guilty that I am not home as much anymore. I'm trying to find my work - life balance with this new position and still adjusting to the "in-office" atmosphere. I have a great staff so that makes it fun! I recently had Lasik done and am excited to report that I no longer have headaches from staring at my computer all day and can see very well! I definitely recommend it, although it was kind of a weird experience.

Gage is still cute as ever and so much fun. He is becoming very ornery and is into everything! He is so curious and intelligent. We are so thankful that we have family to watch him and love him while we are at work. He suffered his first ear infection last week and it just broke my heart! He is back to himself now!

We do our best to spend time with our family and friends as often as we can and have had many get togethers in the past couple of months. Baby showers, birthday parties, football gatherings, dinner dates, road trips with the kiddo's, bowling...always a fun time! We swore to never be "that couple" that gave up their social life because of children and I think we have done a good job of staying social. We just love our family and friends. They are the best in this world! That's a small recap of our "happenings." Hope everyone is doing well!

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