Saturday, June 14, 2008

Table Rock we come!

We are on our way to Table Rock Lake for our family vacation!!! Yea! Yesterday, we left in the afternoon and drove to Fayetteville, Arkansas. We wanted to break the trip up so Gage wouldn't be confined to a car seat all day. We had a great drive and Gage was such a trooper. The drive was beautiful! Arkansas is so scenic and Fayetteville is such a cute town. We went to dinner at a local place and then drove down to the University of Arkansas to check out the campus and (most importantly) the football field!

I am excited for Eric to see where I lived as a child (Table Rock) and to spend time with my extended family. It is going to be a fun time! I'm going to try to post during the trip if I have access to the Internet. We are staying in a cabin so I'm not sure it will be available. I'm sure I will take tons of pictures!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Our little man...kind of a big deal!

Just wanted to post some pictures I took over the past 2 weeks of our little man. He is growing so fast, AND moving soooooo fast! You can't take your eye off of him for a split second. He is crawling at the speed of lightning and pulling up on everything! He is starting to get brave and let go of furniture, so I think walking is well on it's way! Look out!

As you can see from the pictures, he has a mouth full of pearly whites. 7 teeth! He is talking more everyday and his favorite word is "Dada," although I don't know that he associates Eric with the word yet as he calls everything "Dada." I'm working on him to say "Mama" but no luck yet!

He loves my treadmill and stability ball. I'm thinking exercise is just going to be in this kid's blood!

I'm a big fan of the sloganed t-shirts. Here a few to share...

And one of my favorites...Gage's facial expressions. They are priceless! This is his classic facial expression. Everything is so exciting to him!

Falling behind...

I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon! The past two weeks have been very busy! The good news is that we are officially on vacation (for 8 days)! AND Eric will also be home for the next 5 weeks with minimal work commitments! Yea! This is the first summer that Eric has not committed to working football camps. It will be nice to have him home more, especially to spend time with his little buddy, Gage!

Speaking of my husband, have you noticed that he has shrunk lately? The Coaches put on their own "Biggest Loser" challenge for 5 weeks and he lost a significant amount of weight! He looks great! I'm a little jealous that his weight came off so fast as I have been trying to rid of this pregnancy body for quite some time! I am happy for his success and that he has picked up some new, healthy eating habits. It's good for both of us as we motivate each other to eat better and workout most days of the week. Some days I really need the extra motivation!

This past weekend we went to a high school graduation party for some of the Lewisville boys that Eric coached from 7th grade thru high school. It is now official that we are getting old! I remember watching these guys play football in 7th grade and thinking, "they are so young." They have turned out to be fine, young men. It's so rewarding to know that Eric played an important role in their life as their Coach and mentor. You can see from the picture, that they have all outgrown him as well! It was a nice party and so good to see some of the coaches and friends we came to know and love at Lewisville. Lewisville will always feel like our home as we dearly love the people and the pride in that community. Quite honestly, I think we will be back there one day. With Eric running the show of course!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Fun!

I'm falling behind on my Sunday night blog post! I've been too busy! I'm so ready for our vacation. T minus 9 days and counting! I'll be water skiing my hiney off and soaking up some sun at Table Rock Lake! I'm looking forward to 8 days of pure fun, rest, and relaxation with my family!

Gage made his first visit to Hooters this weekend. Yes - Hooters. For those of you who know me or my husband well, you know that we BOTH enjoy Hooters. I know some of you think I'm crazy, but I really do enjoy the food (although it's not healthy I know) and the Hooter's girls just crack me up. Anyway, we took Gage for the first time and met some of our friends - "GaLaura" and Wes. Gage wasn't in his best form because he had missed out on his evening nap, but we still tried to get a picture of him with the "girls." He wasn't too happy about it BUT, the girls loved him! And he came home with a Hooters "onesie!"
I took Gage to our neighborhood pool and he "splish splashed" all over the place. He loves crawling in the shallow end and playing with the small fountains. We also met a prospective babysitter who lives down the street! This kid is such a chick magnet! Check out his round belly and little "man" boobs! Why is that so cute when they are little?

Gage also went to his 1st Craw Fish Boil this weekend. We had lots of fun at Amy and Andy's place! Gage took well to everyone. He is beginning to be a little shy at first and will bury his head in my shoulder, but after he warms up he will take to anyone. He especially liked Joyce - I think he might have melted her heart! Miss Fran was also there and spoiled Gage rotten as usual! She is one of Eric's baseball player's mom and she loves Gage! We are planning to do a "photo shoot" with her sometime soon! She is a photographer.

Gage and I went to my parent's house Sunday afternoon to hang out while Eric played golf with some friends. Grammy and Grampy were excited to take Gage swimming in their pool. They bought him all kinds of cool swim toys and a neat turtle raft. He loved it. He also rode his mini-roller coaster and danced with Grammy. He has quite the moves already - not inherited by me as I have absolutely no rhythm! He is all his dad! (Minus the charming personality of course!)

That's all for now! Eric has one more week of school and then he is home for part of the summer. Yippee! He is going to be "Mr. Mom!" He already has play dates scheduled with some of the other Coaches! He's such a good Dad. I know he will have so much fun spending time with Gage.

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